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       Guangzhou Xi Maike General refrigeration co.,LTD. is a professional large-scale modern enterprise which is engaged in refrigeration fittingsproduct R&D production and sales. We rely on the high-on tech and accumulate the experience for a long time, pour an enormous sum of money into condenser,air cooler,evaporator,high-quality products.Our products have reasonable design,stable qulity,price and superior logistics advantages. Moreover,we widely apply for the air conditioners, refrigerators,refrigerator,cold storage presevervation,freezing,quick-frozen,medical refrigeration and other refrigration fields. 

     Power division headquarter,which is located in baiyun District Guangzhou city,covers an area of 28000 square meters .We own many automatic production lines that our annual production reach to hundreds of millions of refrigeration products.We are one of the largest refrigeration equipment production bases for refrigeration equipment manufacturing. The modern management thought ERP is  introduced  into our company,we have the abundant research and development strength,furthermore,we possess advanced technology,strong production capacity,domestic sales netword all over the country as well as various forms,mixed markeing services platform. In a few shorts years,we realize the rapid growth of the geometric series in the refrigeration field. Untill now,we embrace millions of units and our products market cover nearly 30 domestric provinces,municipalities and autonmous regions. Guangzhou Xi Maike General refrigeration equipment co.,LTD. work for more than 30 countries in the global and we all have good business relationship. Guangzhou Xi Maike General refrigeration equipment co.,LTD. have already create a global network in the refrigeration industry.