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       Guangzhou Xi Maike General refrigeration co.,LTD. is a professional large-scale modern enterprise which is engaged in refrigeration fittings,product R&D production and sales. We rely on the high-on tech and accumulate the experience for a long time, pour an enormous sum of money into condenser,air cooler,evaporator,high-quality products.Our products have reasonable design,stable qulity,price and superior logistics advantages. Moreover,we widely apply for the air conditioners, refrigerators,refrigerator,cold storage presevervation,freezing,quick-frozen,medi...Read More...

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CS78/250L-ET Couple 500mm blower Cubic
CDB27/235MN-ES Commercial Dual Discharge Air
CA Series Slim Compact unit
RC74/250NT RC Series Industrial Flat
RVC125/250N Vertical V-configuration condenser for
HC53/240NT Two Fans  Beveled
HC Series Beveled Roof Compact
WM Series Monoblock Refrigeration Unit