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    condenser fin
    23.6KW Blue Fin Condenser Evaporator Specification
    23.6KW  Cold Storage Condenser Refrigeration  Product description:  HC series air cooled condensers are mainly equipped with open-type condensing units with scrollcompressor, hemertic & semi-hemertic compressor. This air cooled condensers and compressors canbe installed together or sepa rately from compressors .Design of High barrel with Side-mounted Structure.1.Condensers and compressors can be installed together or separately from compressors. Design of Highbarrel with Side-mounted Structure.2.Copper tube and corrugated aluminium fins with a distance of2.1 mm are used.3.Fan specifications adopt φ400mm, φ500mm and φ630mm.4.Testing pressure 32bar.5.Adopt high-quality steel plate with powder coating RAL9003 or RAL6001.6.It can meet the requirements of R22, R134a, R404A, R507A, R407A, R407C,R448A,R449A and other refrig-erants.7.Retain 1.5bar pressure before leaving factory.HC Series Air Cooled Condenser Data Sheet: ModelHC53/240NT Capacity (KW)23.6Surface (㎡)52.6 Volume (dm)6.3Fan Motor Air Flow7000Fan Motor Power480Fan Motor Current1.04dB (A)53Connect Pipe Inlet22Connect Pipe Outlet16Weight (kg)53

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