How to keep avocado fresh? Jun 25, 2021

How to keep Avocado fresh in chiller room?

Like apples, avocados will be brown when exposed to air and are easily be damaged. In order to keep avocado fresh and avoid nutrient loss,

we recommend to use controlled atmosphere chiller room for storage. 

1:Picking process:

Better to pick off at morning or evening when the air is cooling.


Pick out the damaged,insected bad fruits.


Before sent into chiller room, avocados must be pre-cooled. The quality will be better if pre-cooling time is shorter.


The ideal conditions for avocado storage is chiller room temperature: 4-8℃, humidity 80%-90%. With air atmosphere controlled devices, keep O2 2%, CO2 10%. Avocado can be kept fresh 60-70 days under this requirements. 


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