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  • Oil Separator Air Condition
    Oil Separator Air Condition
    5/8 ODF Oil Separator Air Condition And Refrigeration Spare Parts
    XMK-5202 5/8 ODF Oil Separator Refrigeration For Condensing UnitWe oil separator has the great oil-separating capacity.The mixed gaseous refrigerant get into oil separator from compressor,carring oil to get through stainless steel mesh inlet.The oil particles collide and become heavier,impacting on the inwall and intermediate clapboard ultimately.The separated oil drop on the bottom of separator,when them accumulate to a certain amount,the oil will get back to compressor crankcase automatically through the pressure differential  ball float needle valve device.ModelConnector sizeXMK-52011/2 ODFXMK-52025/8 ODFXMK-52037/8 ODFXMK-52041-1/8 ODFXMK-52051-3/8 ODFXMK-62031-3/8 ODFXMK-62041-5/8 ODFXMK-62052-1/8 ODFProduction Introduction:The oil separator should be installed vertically and pre-charge the oil before installing oil separator,the oil should be same as the oil in the compressor crankcase.In the actual piping system,the excessive loads or vibration at the inlet and outlet should be prevented.Oil storage separator must be fixed in the mounting pin connections. Design features:1,Extra length multiayer filter mesh desgin will buffer the mixed gaseous refrigerant greatly.2,The installation of clapboard and spacer palte devide the space into three rooms,improving the efficiency of oil separating greatly.3,In practical application,the vibration of unit might affect ball float installation stability,so the clapboard and spacer plate could reduce the vibration og it.4,Reasonable stainless steel ball float installation desgin remove the crash of ball float and oil return pipe which reduced the noise.5,The installation of magner on the bottom absorb the remaining iron dust in the system helpfully. 

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