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  • fish tank water chiller
    fish tank water chiller
    HX300T Fish Tank Water Chiller
    7.5m³ Volume Fish Water Chiller  Product description:  PU series vertical box-type condension units have the following characteristics1. The product adopts vertical box-type structure, fan side installation, effectively prevent dust, rain water and Soon into the cabinet;2. High air duct design, low noise, beautiful appearance;3. The cover of the case adopts hinge structure, which is easy to maintain and operate;4. Compressor uses Emerson ZB and ZFI series scroll compressor or Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor to meet theapplication of medium tem perature and low temperature;5. Adopt U-type condenser, it has large windward side, small wind resistance and good heat transfer effect;6. It can meet the requirements of R22, R404A, R507A, R448A, R449A and other refrigerants.HX Series Seafood Chiller data: Power Supply  220V 50Hz 1phaseApply Water Temp. 5 to 26 ℃Model HX300TApply Water Volume(m³) 2.5-7.5 Input Power(KW) 4.4 Nominal Capacity(KW)14.4 Size length (mm) 980 Size Width (mm) 530 Size Height (mm) 1250
  • fish tank water chiller
    fish tank water chiller
    HX150S Industrial Water Cooled Chiller
    2.3m³Volume Water Chiller Seafood Product description:  The HX series of seasfood chiller developed by our factory, which designed into an overall com-pact structure with a beautiful and exquisite structure. It's including the condenser, titanium gunevaporator, various valves and control systems. Which can be directly used in fields such asseafood farming.1.The product can be wall-mounted or vertical,and the unit is installed on the ground and theside of the wall.of the storehouse body.2.The product can adjust the temperature of coldand warm water, and the water temperaturecanbe adjusted between 5 and 40 degrees.3.The product is fully automated and intelligentlycontrolled, with control functions such as watertemperature setting and control, constanttemperature setting and system operation protection.HX Series Seafood Chiller data: Power Supply  220V 50Hz 1phaseApply Water Temp. 5 to 26 ℃Model HX150SApply Water Volume(m³) 0.75-2.3 Input Power(KW) 1.3 Nominal Capacity(KW)3.9 Size length (mm) 650 Size Width (mm) 490 Size Height (mm) 600

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