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    XMK-133 3/8 vertical Liquid Receiver Refrigeration
    XMK-133 3/8 vertical Liquid Receiver Refrigeration The liquid receiver acts as a stock of liquid refrigerant for the evaporators, located after the condenser in a refrigeration system.The selection of receiver size should be based on refrigerant charge in the system, and it also should be sized to hold the full system charge during service work, the capacity of each liquid receiver listed on Technical data sheet below.ModelConnector sizeXMK-1333/8XMK-2333/8XMK-3333/8XMK-4441/2XMK-6441/2XMK-8441/2XMK-10555/8XMK-12555/8XMK-14555/8Production Introduction:1.Designed for refrigerant storage in system’s normal operation or maintaining.2.System adjustment is allowed to suit with different condition or loading.3.Compatible with HFC, CFC, CFC and associated oils and additives4. Assemble a high quality rotator valve or safety valve.

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