Industrial cold room wall mounted evaporator

ND series is a general type industrial wall mounted evaporator for various cold rooms. Design in hinged structure for both side plates and external drip tray which is convenient and quick to operate. 

Voltage in 220V or 380V .

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Product Feature 

  • Casting:  Adopt high-quality steel plate with powder coating RAL9003

Hinged structure is adopted for both side plates and external drip tray, which is convenient and quick to operate

  • Heat exchanger coil : copper tubingφ15,spacing 50×50

Corrugated aluminium fins,fin spacing 4.2mm

  • Fans : External rotor motor with high wind pressure, working temperature -5°C to 5℃

Fans individually connected to junction box

Fan bladeφ300, φ350,φ400, φ500, φ630, standard 4-pole motor

  • Defrosting : Standard use of electric defrosting,stainless heating pipes installed in the middle of coil and inner water plate.

Independent electric heating tube junction box.

  • Refrigerants :  meet the requirements of R404A, R507A, R448A, R449A, R134a, R22 and other refrigerants


Model in fin spacing 4.2mm use for -5°C to 5°C cold storage

42mm.jpg3 fans 1.jpg3 fans 2.jpg3 fans 3.jpg3 fans 4.jpg

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